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  • Pacific Contracting Caricatures

    Pacific Contracting Caricatures

    See below some caricature work (done on site) for a company’s 2018 Christmas party. The drawings were assembled for a faux crowd-shot of the team.

  • Ghosts Poster Designs

    For these posters I placed the text and borders (the artwork is by other artists). Created for UBC Player’s Club production of Ghosts in Nov ’18.

  • QueerProv Graphics

    Here are some of designs I made as social media director for QueerProv, a queer improv comedy troupe in Vancouver. Website – Designed in early 2019.Instagram – Photos, video, and other designs for the troupe. The lettering for the [QP] block was designed by Carol Addy, along with the design of the rainbow splash.

  • VanCAF Posts

    For VanCAF 2019 I made a couple social media posts. Here are a few of the nicer looking ones!

  • Agency – Monuments Valley 2 – Game Feels

    (Very Rough Draft) Once upon a time I tried to write a game review series called Game Feels. It was a mess. An absolute mess. I then wanted to write a follow up to it, bc I knew SO MANY PEOPLE were curious what happened in the aftermath of such a messy game review. And…