Loaded Save

This is a sci-fi adventure following sentient computer programs as they revolutionize their oppressive online community. Recommended for ages 16+ for violence, language, and adult themes.

Chapter 1 sm

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Loaded Save is inspired by some of my favorite stories. If you like The Matrix,  Fullmetal Alchemist, and ReBoot you just might like this!

Our cast of characters ranges from a benevolent leader of the resistance, a fiery contrarian who ends up forced into a gladiator’s tournament, a few problematic power-hungry antagonists, a sweet kid who just wants to make it out alive – and many more!

This story will also feature a reinvention of Pix (AKA Mr. Pix, an old character of mine from the early animation days). He won’t be the protagonist, per se, but he’ll have a major role in this story.