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Love Keeps Saving The Day
One Finger Death Punch 2 Collab Entry | Hyun’s Dojo competition
Game Grumps Animated: Buzzfeed Nonsense
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Rocky Horror Show : by Alchemy Theatre
The Oral Tradition : a queer film podcast made with my partner!
Thnking & Monkey Mind
Gooey Stick Fight : aka DJTDMP (David B, Jordi, Tommy, David K, Max, Phil)
Game Feels: Nostalgia in Shovel Knight & Mario)


Game Grumps Animated – Fake Laughter Compilation
Game Grumps Animated – “Oh it’s BUMPY GUMP!”
Sketch comedy videos from Stillwood summer camp
Life drawings
Facebook’s 12 Biggest Fails
Mr. Pix vs Fox n Q | vs ALFA | vs Oreo | vs Sonar
(Mr. Pix by other animators: Nhazul | KidKei | Woix | JeehoonOh | oxob3000


Escape : Early stick figure animation!
Don’t Worry Be Happy : Early lip sync practice!
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GEO : My first webcomic (it’s weird)