General Resume


Loaded Save (Story) – Conscious computer programs try to revolutionize their disfunctional online society.
Bit Button (Video) – Video essays, sketch comedy, and mini let’s plays.
Tissues of the Day (Podcast) – Queer culture, relationships, and improv games!


Valley of Love (Comic) – A closeted gay teen falls for his straight friend at a Christian summer camp. Will their friendship and faith hold up under pressure?
Love Keeps Saving The Day (Theatre) – Cabaret show about spirits, LSD, and disco.
Background Art – Various projects.
Pacific Contracting Caricatures (Art) – Live sketches created at a holiday party.
Shock More (Animation) – Tribute to the fighting series by Terkoiz.
Stillwood Sketch Collection (Video) – Comedy shorts featuring campers and staff.
QueerProv (Web design) – For the comedy troupe based in Vancouver.
QueerProv (Graphic design) – Images and posters.
Game Grumps Animated – Popular let’s play channel clips:
Fake Laughs
Buzzfeed Nonsense
Rocky Horror Show (Theatre)
The Oral Tradition (Podcast) – Queer+ film discussions with Jordy Matheson.
Life drawing – From college art classes.


Mr. Pix (Animation) – A shapeshifting character created for the FluidAnims competitive animation community.
DeviantART galleries
GEO (Comic) – Geometric shapes, gigantic pets, sentient pennies, and interdimensional travel.