Valley of Love (In Development)

A closeted gay teen falls for his straight friend at a Christian summer camp. Will their friendship and faith hold up under pressure?

Peter, 18, works as a videographer at Everlast Summer Camp. During staff training one of the counselors, Aaron, catches Peter’s eye and they become fast friends. At the same time, Peter is in the closet, and wrestles with his conscience: the voice of God, and his personified libido: Spunky. After Peter comes out to Aaron as questioning his sexuality, their closeness leads Peter to fall in love with Aaron, though he won’t admit it to himself. His friendship with Aaron sparks feelings of frustration and suspicion from Peter’s sister, Aaron’s girlfriend, and other staff at the summer camp. (Romantic Comedy, Young Adult, LGBT+ Themes).

Update 19 Nov 2020: Development page created! Currently reaching out to publishers to see if we can get the artwork funded.